Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher’s Asset Management Team is responsible for providing strategic direction, administrative services, and management support for your asset needs. Our staff is designed to comprise specific and personal asset valuations, analysis, occupancy, and property utilization for your property.

Our  Team uses data from national, state, county, and local regions to develop goal objectives for owners and stakeholders. We take pride in managing and optimizing the financial performance of leased and owned assets while meeting owner objectives and customer expectations throughout the life cycle of the asset property.

Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher offers a variety of services in areas such as building operations, tenant relations, and financial management. We also offer planning in the areas of energy/sustainability, security, emergency planning, and project management.

We work with investor and owners/occupiers who wish to maximize the financial potential of their property assets. We integrate purchasing, due diligence, management, leasing, construction, and sale or recapitalization. You want a provider that can enhance the investment’s value by increasing revenue, minimizing expenses, and maximizing perceived asset value.