Commercial property can be a lucrative investment, whether you plan on using the property for your own business operations or renting it out to tenants. To get the most out of your property, Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher takes certain steps to optimize your property’s value and investment dynamics.

Our property evaluations are designed for valuation of your specific custom property by employing many factors exclusive to your property. We accommodate all property types: mixed use, multi-family, retail, office, medical, industrial, and land.  Our specialized custom commercial valuation of your precise property includes:

  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Listing Information for the Property
  • Appraisals and Sustainability
  • Prior Transaction History
  • Land Use / Zoning / Surrounding Area
  • Design and Configuration
  • Multiple Property Photos
  • Construction and Services
  • Location Map and Environmental
  • Management and Leasing Issues
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Site
  • Operating Expense Evaluation

Your Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher Broker is highly skilled at knowing your specific property for a qualitative analysis. Our goal is to give you a sales comparison approach to form an opinion of market value rather than just a price. With 37 years of commercial real estate experience, Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher makes this process flawless and worry free for you.