Puyallup Executive Park Suites Puyallup Eastern Pierce County

Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher is focused on providing an ideal experience for owners and tenants of commercial real estate. By choosing Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher, you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who has unrivaled management experience in all facets of commercial real estate.

Our Leasing Team is dedicated to finding the optimal space for your business essentials and our Facilities Team is determined to support your needs. Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher’s goal is to work with you to fulfill not only space requirements but provide expansion opportunities and truly tailor your office essentials.

As your Office Property Management Professional, we vow to:

  • Daily oversight of property operations, include vendor coordination, preventive maintenance, and tenant relations.
  • Billing and collection of all rents.
  • Payment of all property expenses.
  • Review of mortgage and real estate tax payments.
  • Have the latest Security Technology Systems
  • Be On-call for Emergent Services

We understand that different properties need different approaches to commercial property management and our team is flexible and innovative. You can take great comfort in knowing that Keller Williams Commercial Offenbecher’s experience is your success.